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Check-Up Session of Bilingual Book

"Bilingual Book for International Children" project's volunteers and young illustrators had their following check-up session with the target group in the frame of the great event for Ukrainian kids and their families. The event was organized in cooperation with Participe Amstelland, Buurtkamer Keizer Karelpark, Solidarity Bridge Foundation, Gemeente Amstelveen.
The already ready draft pages of the book were positively evaluated by Ukrainian refugee children and their parents. The book is almost ready to be published soon under the European Solidarity Corps.

Many thanks to all the children and their parents for taking part in the book's ready draft pages' process evaluation session.

This Solidarity Project is aimed to create and publish an interactive non-formal bilingual book (Dutch/English) for international children and their parents. The project is being implemented by Bright Future Foundation in Amstelveen by our active and initiative volunteers under the European Union’s Solidarity Corps.

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