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📚Cobra Museum Event for Children With Svetlana Mozhaeva

DATE: 14 November, 2023 (Tuesday)

TIME: from 15:50 till 17:00

FORMAT: Interactive & Non-Formal


TARGET GROUP: Russian speaking international children

AGE: 5-7 y.old & 8+ y.old

ENTRANCE: 4 euro/per child

📢Conditions: - The kids can attend only after our invitation and the parent's confirmation via email. - The selected children must have museum cards or the parents must pay the entrance fee for the child to enter the museum. - The activity is without parents. But the parents can enter if they have museum cards/pay the entrance fee.

Participation fee - 4 euros/each child. Please pay the tikkie after submitting this form.

COOPERATION (& MANY THANKS): Svetlana Mozhaeva Cobra Museum Amstelveen

This event is implemented under Bright Future's 
Storytelling Project at Amstelveen's Library on Tuesdays

Do you want your child to also join?

Hurry up to register in advance.

ATTENTION! Applying your child for this event you give permission to the organizers

for photo/video making.



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