Learn To Sell: Sales is Everywhere! 

Skills in Sales do not necessarily come naturally to everyone, dedication and commitment to personal and professional growth is essential. Sales skills framing, fostering and developing this productive international Youth Exchange, funded by European Commission, is aimed to develop teamwork among youngsters from Europe and neighboring countries (Netherlands, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Armenia).

The Youth Exchange sets the following objectives and goals:

Promote, practice and develop

key skills in Sales;

Create non-formal learning environment and provide

unique opportunity

to the youth to gain and share international experience;

Promote healthy lifestyle with the help of outdoor team building activities;

Foster equality and raise awareness of common values of tolerance, empathy towards otherness and respect.


This project is for young people from 18-30 years old, living in the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Russia or Armenia

 The skills we require:

  • To have at least basic sales, oratory, as well entrepreneurial skills;

  • Good communication and negotiation skills;

  • Appropriate time management and accurate working abilities,

  • To be ready to share and gain information and knowledge with participants from other cultures and social groups;

  • To be aware of own culture, understand and respect other cultures, be tolerant and have democratic views;

  • Eager to make changes in their communities;

  • To be able to communicate in English.




Due to COVID-19 outbreak the dates of the project are not confirmed yet.

We follow the measures taken by the Governments of the all partner countries and will be looking for safe travel circumstances. After  the project dates will be announced.