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Project Description

International children and their parents were given space to join our great 5 storytelling and communication events in Amstelveen (Amstelveen Library).

The events were aimed to bring together Amstelveen’s international children. Interactive storytelling activities and crafting fun time, arranged by our volunteers boosted not only the children's communication skills, but also improved motoric skills, while working together in a group. Their parents also had space for communication: they got to know each other, made friends, shared tips and news about Amstelveen, etc.

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Linking to the goals of Amstelveen Connect@, these events brought together those, who otherwise would never have met.

✅Storytelling and fun crafting activities, as well cooperation and communication for international kids in Amstelveen were promoted;

✅Different international children and their parents were brought together, given space for communication and cooperation;

✅Enough space was created for international children and their parents to meet each other, gain and exchange knowledge and experience.

FORMAT: Interactive & Non-formal

TARGET GROUP: International children and their parents (from Uzbekistan, Russia, France, Ukraine, Armenia, Kalmykia, Hungary, China, England, etc.)

FRENQUENCY: 5 events

AGE: 4-8 y.old

VENUE: Library Amstelveen (De Bibliotheek Stadshart)

ADDRESS: Stadsplein 102, 1181 ZM Amstelveen

ENTRANCE:Free of charge, but with registration in advance.

These events made the international children and their parents believe, that they are not alone in Amstelveen and they can always meet people, find connections and help in the frame of our International Storytelling and Communication activities.



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Bright Future Foundation

Solidarity Bridge Foundation




Bright Future's director Marisha was invited to represent the organisation's projects. She talked also about Bright Future's various international Youth Exchange and Solidarity projects, being implemented under the European Union in cooperation with local and international partners. As well - about International Storytelling & Crafting fun activities, being implemented by Bright Future Foundation under Amstelveen Connect@ and in cooperation with great volunteers and partners (Solidarity Bridge Foundation) at De Bibliotheek Amstelveen (Stadshart).

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