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Storytelling and Communication Activities for International Kids at Amstelveen Library

We invite international children and their parents to join our great 5 storytelling and communication events in Amstelveen (Amstelveen Library).

These events are aimed to bring together Amstelveen’s international kids. Interactive storytelling activities and crafting fun time, arranged by our volunteers will boost not only the children's communication, but also will improve motoric skills, while working together in a group.

Linking to the goals of Amstelveen Connect@, the main aim of these events is to bring together those who otherwise would never have met.

To promote storytelling and fun crafting activities, as well - cooperation and communication for international kids in Amstelveen;

To bring together different international kids and their parents, give them space for communication and cooperation;

To create space for international children and their parents to meet each other, gain and exchange knowledge and experience.

DATES: on Tuesdays

April 12, 19, 26

May 3, 10

TIME: 15:50 till 16:50

FORMAT: Interactive & Non-formal

CULTURAL BACKGROUND: International! (Ukrainian refugee kids and their parents are also warmly welcome to join)

TARGET GROUP: International children, who can speak also Russian

AGE: 4-8 y.old

FREQUENCY: 5 events

ENTRANCE: Free of charge, but with registration in advance.

(For registration please send and email to in advance)

These events will hopefully make the international children and their parents believe, that they are not alone in Amstelveen and they can always meet people, find connections and help in the frame of our International Storytelling and Communication activities.

ATTENTION! The events will be captured (photo) and filmed (video) on camera.

The parents will be asked to sign permission for photo/video making at the entrance.


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