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🏆Equivalency Determination (ED) Certificate from NGOsource to Bright Future!

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Bright Future has received Equivalency Determination (ED) Certificate from NGOsource.

NGOsource has certified the Bright Future Foundation as equivalent to a Certified Public Charity - Equivalency Determination (ED) Certificate with NGOsource.

Congratulations to all our members, volunteers, youth leaders, our beneficiaries - to everyone! Strong when working together!


An equivalency determination is a good faith determination that a non-U.S. organization is the equivalent to a U.S. public charity.

With an #EDcertified status from @NGOsource Bright Future is now available to welcome new donors from the USA. We look forward to the new funding opportunities this #equivalencydetermination will bring to the organisation.

You may request our organization ED certificate from NGOsource and you will receive the certificate within a day. If you are not a member of the NGOsource, please address your request at

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Bright Future Foundation

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