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Closing Courses. English for Ukrainian Refugees

📢Announcement Time!

💫As of October 1, 2023 Bright Future Foundation concluded the free online English Courses, which we launched on March 17, 2022, in response to the Ukraine war.

🧭Our mission was to empower refugees in the Netherlands by teaching them English and helping them to find jobs. And what a success it's been! 👏

Goals Achieved! 🚀

✅ Applications from 300+ refugees;

✅ 20+ volunteer teachers from all around the world;

✅ Created HR and recruiting team to support our mission;

✅ Connected with education experts and project managers;

✅ Partnered with Oliver James in Amsterdam for the recruitment process;

✅ Hosted cool JOB MARKET events in NL;

✅ Collaborated with Participe Amstelland, Gemeente Amstelveen and INAmsterdam;

🤩 Many refugees improved their English and found jobs in the Netherlands!

The best part? We did it all with our amazing volunteers without funding! 🙌

Huge thanks to our incredible volunteers who made this project a success!

✨ Together, we've shown the power of community! 🌟

(VIDEO - Our Team of "English Courses" sends you motivation and positive vibes with their great feedbacks.)

How the Teachers evaluated their experience within this project

✨APPLY & Become a Member of our Team to Create Great Projects Together



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