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"Dutch For Non Dutch" (Nederlands voor niet Nederlanders) Solidarity project's target group (international parents) is evaluating the process, implementation and project's activities, as well - the achievements of their children from the beginning of 2021.

In the frame of process evaluation activities"Dutch For Non Dutch" (Nederlands voor niet Nederlanders) Solidarity project's volunteers decided to find out what does the target group (international parents and their children) think about the quality of the project activities, management, and to receive "what to improve" tips.

Above is a great video with a few representatives of the target group, evaluating the process and giving feedbacks on their kids’ achievements in learning Dutch. The international parents reflect on the project's activities, workshops' management, implementation, etc.

As well they tell about the goals their kids are achieving since they have started to be a part of this great Solidarity initiative from the beginning of 2021!

This project aims to develop and promote Dutch in international community in the neighborhood, among international kids and their families through non-formal learning methodology and fun games, experiencing different developing topics and being involved in various creative thematic workshops.

PHOTO (International Parents)

This project is the winner of EU Solidarity Awards 2021 and is the Best Solidarity Project of 2021!

Project partner is Buurtkamer Keizer Karelpark.

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