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Workshop day "SENSES". "Dutch for Non-Dutch"

Dutch for Non-DutchSolidarity Project’s volunteers had their following workshop for the international kids at Buurtkamer Keizer Karelpark. The topic was “Senses”. The workshop started with some fun songs and the children had chance to review what they learned in the previous workshop. The creative and non-formal workshop was indeed very successful. The children learned about the senses and they did four different activities to reinforce all the new words they learned in Dutch, related to taste, hearing, sight and touch.


For *HEARING* they listened to many different sounds and matched the objects that sounded the same together. They practiced answering questions in Dutch, such as: “Do they sound the same or different?” They also practiced sound adjectives, such as “loud, quiet, squeaky, melodic”.

For *TOUCH* they were very brave and used our “box of feelings” to discover different objects by only using their sense of touch. They had so much fun saying the words and feeling different objects that were rough, soft and squishy.

For *TASTE* they were able to use their taste buds and try different foods that were either bitter, sweet, salty or sour. They paid attention to where on their tongues they taste each of these things. All of the children practiced pronouncing these words and independently creating sentences with them.

For *SIGHT* they used their eyes to match words to the correct pictures in their model and they all examined an eyeball replica to learn words such as “pupil, iris, eyelashes, eyelids”. They were also able to create their own illusion picture!

All the kids had so much fun, discovering their *SENSES*. The volunteers kindly encourage the parents to practice with their kids all the new words they learned at home.

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