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"Schools for Schools" - a great charitable project" has reached its goal

❗6 containers, full of charitable school supplies were shipped to Armenia from the Netherlands.

Hermann Wesselink College Amstelveen donated the whole school equipment (the school has 1700 students) to its former student Tawros Astlanjan (tables, chairs, whiteboards, sofas, computers, etc.) to ship to Armenian regional schools, who are in need of those. Bright Future Foundation's director Mariam Kirakossian, together with Niderlandakan Oragir / Diary of the Netherlands were able to fundraise 18,000 EUR within 3 days. The amount was spent to ship all the goods to Armenia in 6 containers, cooperating with "MARINA TRANSPORT" Netherlands.

Shipping organisation was Embassy of Armenia in The Netherlands, accepting organisation - Armenian "Full Life" NGO.

Many thanks to all the volunteers, donors, partners and organizers.

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