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During the COVID-19 outbreak it turned out that many Elderlies are lack of digital skills.

Young volunteers of Stichting Bright Future have come up with a great Solidarity project to teach Elderlies basic digital skills (for instance, nowadays, it is safer to be able to shop online, is very important not to feel lonely and be able to communicate with their family and friends, using popular applications, like WhatsApp, Viber, etc.).


The project “Digital skills for elderlies” is being implemented under the European Union’s Solidarity Corps. This Solidarity Project is non-profit (thus – free of charge) and absolutely on voluntary basis. In the frame of this project 5 project volunteers will work together and prepare digital skills’ developing workshops for elderlies. Cooperating with Participe Amstelland, the initiative young people will gather with the target group (elderlies) in Wijkcentrum Alleman (Amstelveen).

The project will last 12 months.

At the end of the project the volunteers will get EU Youthpass certification, which they can attach to their CV, while applying for a job in the Netherlands and abroad.

Cooperation: Participe Amstelland

Venue: Wijkcentrum Alleman

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