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Dutch Newspaper "AMSTELVEENS NIEUWSBLAD" Reports on Our Solidarity Projects

(English translation of the article)

Bright Future Foundation’s volunteers are granted by European Union’s Solidarity Corps to implement 3 Solidarity projects in Amstelveen.

"Dutch for Non-Dutch" is a project for kids, in the frame of which young volunteers of "Bright Future" will teach international refugee and expat kids Dutch in non-formal and playful way. The initiative and hard working Volunteers have already successfully implemented their preparational activities/meetings and have already implemented their first Dutch learning workshop for international kids. This Solidarity project is being implemented in cooperation with Buurtkamer Keizer Karelpark, Amstelveen (MOC).

"Digital Skills for Elderlies" – another group of young volunteers are working together on another Solidarity initiative, which is aimed to create workshops for elderlies and teach them basic digital skills (WhtasApp, online shopping, etc.). This project and its outcomes are especially very actual nowadays, when digital competences have become very important in our daily life”, - tell the projects' volunteers. This project is being implemented in cooperation with Participe Amstelland and again under the EU Solidarity Corps.

"Support the Newspaper" – other volunteers have started to volunteer for an Armenian community non-profit newspaper “Netherlands’ Diary”. The goal is to make the newspaper bilingual - publish articles also in Dutch and volunteer for it actively, encouraging youth to join the initiative and experience themselves in dynamic field of journalism.

Duration of the all 3 Solidarity projects is 12 month - till the end of 2021.

All the workshops, which are being implemented for the vulnerable target groups by our Volunteers, are of course, free of charge”,- says "Bright Future’s" director Mariam Kirakossian. The Volunteers of the all 3 projects are not being paid either. They can use the grant, received from the EU Solidarity Corps, to cover their organizational expenses, while implementing these Solidarity initiatives (transport, working materials, food, etc.).

All the involved volunteers are from 18-30 years old. They work very hard together to reach the best results. At the end of the year they all will receive EU Youthpass Certificates, which they can attach to their CV-s.

If there are youngsters, who also want to be one of us, they are welcome to join our follow-up initiatives. They can apply, visiting”, - says one of the volunteers Tiamo Essenberg.

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