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In the frame of this Solidarity project 5 young people will volunteer for an online non-profit newspaper in the Netherlands. In a challenging journalistic environment they will work with each other, creating interesting and actual articles/reports in 2 languages (Dutch, Armenian). The volunteers do not need to have a journalistic background. The group will be couched efficiently for the start, process and best results of the project. Improving the quantity of the paper's articles in Dutch, the initiative volunteers will not only support the newspaper with new and actual publications, but also will motivate other youngsters, living in the Netherlands, to be involved in the newspaper's life.

This project will give the youth space to learn new tools, meet interesting people and experience themselves in a new environment. They will be given space and flexibility in agenda to volunteer 12 months, experience non-formal learning (NFL) methodology, improving their competences and knowledge in different fields, such as leadership and entrepreneurship.

The volunteers will get EU Youthpass certification, which they can attach to their CV, while applying for a job in the Netherlands and abroad.  

Cooperation: Netherland's Diary

A few journalistic reports by the volunteers

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