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Student Job Fair at University of Amsterdam

Read more and JOIN US for volunteering opportunities!

We were invited to represent the Bright Future at the Job Fair event, organized by the VSPA, the Student Association of Psychology, at the University of Amsterdam and by SPS-NIP.

The goal of the event was to introduce and discuss possible career and study paths after university. In the frame of the Job Fair the Bright Future’s team introduced its projects in cooperation with various local and international funds/organisations, provided the young people with all the necessary information and guided how to apply and join various projects.

The students were enthusiastic to learn more about the Bright Future’s projects and expressed the willingness to apply and be actively involved in change making social and as well as youth projects.

The Career Day was open both to Dutch and international students, as well to all university-level students (Bachelor's and Master's) from the UVA psychology department and its staff. The Job Fair was an opportunity for organisations and associations to present themselves and for students to explore meaningful volunteering/work opportunities.

Do you want to be involved and volunteer?

If you are from 18 till 30 years old, APPLY and be one of us

to make positive changes in our neighborhood!


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