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Armenian Book House is Opened in the Amstelveen Library

Bright Future Foundation organized an amazing event in cooperation with its great partners.

The Armenian Ambassador Mr.Tigran Balayan visited Amstelveen, had a meeting with the city Major Mr. Tjapko Poppens.

The event was opened by the director of Bright Future Mariam Kirakossian, who found valuable for the Armenian community in the Netherlands to have its book corner in the city library.

M.Kirakossian highlighted that the books had been donated by Antares Publishing House Armenia and had been transported to the Netherlands by the Embassy of Armenia especially for the Armenian Book House.

M.Kirakossian thanked the Embassy of Armenia in The Netherlands and De Bibliotheek Amstelland for active and fruitful cooperation!

In his welcoming speech the Ambassador Mr.Tigran Balayan thanked the management of Bright Future Foundation for such a great project/initiative. He also thanked the management of the library for adopting Armenian children's literature on a permanent basis, hoping that such example should be contagious to other libraries in the country.

Education Manager & Programmer of the library Gertrude Hoogendoorn highlighted that Amstelveen is an international city and the library’s doors are open for all the nationalities, living in the neighborhood. She invited Armenian community to actively read/borrow the books from Armenian Book House, which is a part of the “World of Books” from now on.

After the opening ceremony the Ambassador Mr.T.Balayan read from the fables of Aesop for the Armenian children present at the event.

The Ambassador communicated with the children, answered their questions and after gifted books to the library by himself.

The guests were invited to taste Armenian snacks, fruits, tasty ice-cream, bio strawberries. The ice-cream was kindly provided by Gia Gelato ice-cream company, which is based in Amstelveen. The very tasty strawberries were kindly provided by Dutch-Armenian farmers David and Nune Abrahamjans.

Now on Armenian community members, parents and children can find books in their mother tongue in Amstelveen’s library, read for their children , promoting and supporting the Armenian language.

This is amazing!

Bright Future thanks its partners, guests - everyone for making this happen together!


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