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Luuk & Saar FREE of charge theatre play at de Bibliotheek Amstelland (Bibliotheek Amstelveen Stadsplein) by Bright Future Foundation

Luuk and Saar are about to go on vacation and can't wait to leave. Before they leave, they have to pack their bags. Is that going to work?

Packing is a little trickier than they thought. Will they manage to pack the bags on time?

“Luuk and Saar are Leaving for Holiday” is an educative and interactive performance, in which children aged 6 to 10 learn to deal with everyday things. With a theatrical approach they learn to make choices and that in some situations you have to make your choice.

After the performance the children can meet Luuk and Saar and have small photoshoot.

The theatre performance is a collaboration between two organisations:

De Bibliotheek Amstelland and Bright Future Foundation.

Language: Dutch

Address: Bibliotheek Amstelveen (Stadsplein 102, 1181 ZM Amstelveen)

Date: 13 July 2021

Session 1 CLICK to reserve your ticket for SESSION 1

Start: 10:30 AM

End: 11:30 AM

Session 2 CLICK to reserve your ticket for SESSION 2

Start: 11:45 AM

End: 12:25 AM

🔴ATTENTION! Please come 15-20 minutes early for registration. All the parents will be asked to sign photo/video recording permission at the entrance.

The quantity of the tickets is limited.

Check in the Facebook EVENT of the theatre performance

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