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We implemented a great workshop for elderlies. Our volunteers have been working on the first workshop from the start of the year. They showed good teamwork and are happy with the workshop results.

The initiative young people with great organizational skills had made an agreement with the community center in Amstelveen - Participe Amstelveen. Because Participe Amstelveen works with vulnarable groups of elderlies, they are allowed to carry out activities for elderlies under strict COVID regulations. We are very happy we were provided this opportunity to start our workshops with a small group of elderlies.

As a result, our volunteers met the target group in person, got to know some of the interested elderlies and provided them their first workshop on basic digital skills. At the end of the workshop the volunteers answered all the questions of the involved elderlies.

Since we are working with elderlies, It was very important for us to follow all COVID regulations and to do everything in our power in order to keep this vulnerable group safe.

The feedback from our target group was very positive and we are all looking forward to the next workshop. The next topic will be related to internet search and online entertainment.

Here is a small video to give an idea of how it went.

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