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Feedbacks on "Music & Dances" International Youth Exchange

Curious young people were involved in "Music & Dance to Overcome Post-Covid Stress" Youth Exchange's Activities in Armenia, implemented by the Netherlands-based

Bright Future Foundation & its great partners from 7 EU and neighboring countries.

VIDEO Very positive, touching and emotional random feedbacks from some our Youth Exchange participants on "Music & Dance to Overcome Post-Covid Stress".

The youth highly evaluates the project's results, they experienced non-formal learning and now see all the benefits of it, as well the benefits of working in intercultural environment. They improved a lot of multicultural skills, learned a lot of new things about each other's culture, music, songs, dances. They also shared and gained useful knowledge from the local youth, other stakeholders, as well great Guests Speakers, invited in the frame of the Youth Exchanges activities.

The participants prove that now they are not afraid to experience themselves in multicultural environment, to overcome stress through music & dance, be open for new intercultural challenges, think out of the box, be themselves, make new international relations and network.

All of these act as a fundament of the long-term results and wider impact the Youth Exchanges activities had and still promise to have on the involved youngsters and their communities.

The fun learning environment, positive energy, international relations and great time spent in a 4* comfortable hotel created unforgettable memories for the all participants. Now they all state they are a big international "FAMILY". The Youth Exchange's activities could not have even better results. As the participants said: "This is the magic of Erasmus to easily connect people from different cultures and countries".

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The Bright Future Foundation is a Dutch non-profit organisation, that implements various successful projects under the European Union.


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