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Fun Inclusion Events in Amstelveen

Fun Inclusion great events were organized by us under AMSTELVEEN CONNECT@ in Municipality of Amstelveen.

These events united the two target groups in Amstelveen, allowing them to practice and enhance their self-confidence, communication skills, social skills, respect for one another. We promoted the idea that being different can have positive notes: you are unique and should take pride in it as well as becoming a strong individual and finding ways to turn disadvantages into advantages (if possible). These events provided a discrimination-free, fun, relaxed and inclusive environment that accelerated children's learning opportunities, improved their communication skills, enhanced their social interactions and fostered their inclusion in the city where they live – in Amstelveen.

By creating an "energy" of equality within the group, the children naturally became accustomed to one another and the barriers between the ones with and without disabilities (as well as their parents) automatically disappeared.

Together, we stood as a united community, regardless of our abilities/disabilities. Therefore, the parents prove that these events improved the behavior and social skills of children with and without disabilities: something that might have a lifelong impact on our target group and its surrounding community in Amstelveen.

With these events we put efforts to improve the lives of the target group and support their wellbeing in Amstelveen, as if children lose self-confidence and social skills at a young age, they most likely will face more difficulties later in high school, university, in their future life. We encouraged and gave chance to our target group to experience the benefits of working together, supporting one another, while being included and socialized. All the parents noticed positive mood of their children after each event. According to them, their children are doing steps to develop as team players. These events taught them effective communication and respect, as we all live in the same city and country with equal opportunities for everyone.

Bright Future thanks its partners and the Municipality of Amstelveen for the great cooperation!


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