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Videos & Feedbacks. Youth Exchange on Digital PR & Marketing.

Curious young people were involved in "Digital PR & Marketing" Youth Exchange's Activities in Armenia, implemented by the Netherlands-based

Bright Future Foundation & its great partners from 7 EU and neighboring countries.

Unleashing the fun in Youth Exchange for Digital PR & Marketing! The youth has a whirlwind of laughter, crazy moments, and cultural adventures! From boosting digital skills to creating epic short videos. It's been a non-stop celebration of creativity and friendship!

VIDEO Very positive, funny, touching and emotional videos, created by the involved country groups' participants.

In the frame of our Youth Exchange project on PR & Marketing there were various fun activities implemented to promote cooperation and boost trust amongst the international participants. One of them was this fun Team Building activity on International Dances.

VIDEO Team building on international dances.

Rocked it at our Youth Exchange on PR & Marketing! Check this out Youth’s Mission: Create advertising to promote a plastic cup called “Wake Cup”! Believe us, the creativity went through the roof!

Hats off to our creative youths for turning marketing into a blast!

VIDEO Reels team building on international dances.

The youth highly evaluates the project's results, they experienced non-formal learning and now see all the benefits of it, as well the benefits of working in intercultural environment. They improved a lot of multicultural skills, learned a lot of new things about each other's culture, music, songs, dances.

The participants learned a lot on the topic, also shared and gained useful knowledge from the local youth, other stakeholders, as well great Guests Speakers, invited in the frame of the Youth Exchange's activities.

The participants prove that now they are not afraid to experience themselves in multicultural environment and boost skills in cooperation with the youths from another countries.

All these act as a fundament of the long-term results and wider impact the Youth Exchange's activities had and still promise to have on the involved youngsters and their communities.

The fun learning environment, positive energy, international relations and great time spent in a 4* comfortable hotel created unforgettable memories for the all participants. Now they all state they are a big international "FAMILY". The Youth Exchanges' activities could not have even better results. And as the participants said: "Being an international family and having the best experience in the youth's life is the magic of Erasmus!"

Feedback post by our Ukrainian partners.

Our international Youth Exchanges create non-formal learning environment and provide unique opportunity to the youth to gain and share international experience and knowledge on various important topics. Each participant of our exchange projects activities was given enough space to frame, promote, develop and practice skills in important nowadays Multicultural Communication.

The Bright Future Foundation is a Dutch non-profit organisation, that implements various successful projects under the European Union.


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