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Sinterklaas & Piets Party


Bright Future Foundation's "Dutch For Non Dutch" Solidarity Project's volunteers in cooperation with Solidarity Bridge Foundation's "Kids Club" another Solidarity Project volunteering great team, as well in active cooperation with Buurtkamer Keizer Karelpark implemented a fun and developing Piets Party for the Sinterklaas Celebration.

The target group was involved in Pieten gym, did a lot of crafting, creativity boosting activities, played bingo and a lot more.

They also watched a theatre play, prepared and acted by the projects' Volunteers themselves.

At the end of the Celebration all the children received gifts from Piets.

Under the guidance and sharp eye of the project Trainer, the groups of Volunteers worked very hard in deadlines, improving teamwork, communication and organisational skills, as well practical Dutch (for international volunteers).

The target group (international children) also improved acquired Dutch vocabulary in the frame of the various developing and fun non-formal activities.

Cooperation / Partners:

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