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Dutch For Non Dutch Solidarity Project’s volunteers had their following workshop for the international kids at Buurtkamer Keizer Karelpark.

During our summer party workshop the international children practiced so many things that they had learned so far and also played games and watched a fun theatre performance by “Luuk and Saar”.


All the games the childen played were: blik gooien, mikado, zaklopen, ring gooien, basket gooien, eieren race and 4 op en rij. And, as you see, one of the biggest excitements was with bubbles made with recycled materials. What started out as a simple “let’s try to make the longest bubble” quickly turned into a bubble “war”. The international parents were also involved in the fun activities and dances. It was definitely so much fun and all the volunteers were happy to see all of the children so happy.


Dutch for Non-Dutch” is being implemented under the European Solidarity Corps Netherlands by Bright Future’s initiative volunteers.

Project partner: Buurtkamer Keizer Karelpark.

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