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🎧Special Guests At Bram Radio Amsterdam

🚀The Director of Bright Future Marisha, Vice Director Ilona and our Volunteer Veronika joined Cathy on Bram Radio Amsterdam (@bramradio) to share all of Bright Future's impactful work, Solidarity, Youth Exchange and other projects.

🎯Tune in to catch our values, the impact of our work, local solidarity projects, the bilingual book project, EU funding, our incredible partners, and ways you can jump into the action with us! 💫

Many thanks for having us at Bram Radio!
Bright Future thanks everyone for their interest in its projects, non-formal youth activities, as well for the most fruitful cooperation in the frame of various EU projects!
Our international Youth Exchanges create non-formal learning environment and provide unique opportunity to the youth to gain and share international experience and knowledge. 


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