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NL Ambassador - Our YE Guest Speaker

Young participants from Europe and neighbouring countries were involved in Youth Exchanges Activities in Armenia learning about "Sales" and "Entrepreneurship", implemented by the Netherlands-based Bright Future Foundation - an organisation that implements various successful projects under the European Union.

(VIDEO report below)

Among guests speakers were the country’s most knowledgeable political, business, recruiting and marketing leaders. The Ambassador of the Netherlands in Armenia Mr. Nico Schermers was the special guest in the frame of the Youth Exchanges' activities. He spoke about his work in marketing Armenia to the Dutch public and vice versa (he shared his experience in how he "sells" Armenia to the Netherlands and the Netherlands to Armenia).

The Ambassador's insightful speech was followed by question-answer session and a beautiful rendition of “Sareri Hovin Mernem” by two projects participants Lusine Harutyunyan (Armenia) and Yeksa Baklachyan (Germany).

The Armenian Prime-Minister's Administration Hayern Aysor's, as well Diaspora High Commissioner's Office journalists reported on the international Exchange Activity.


Our international Youth Exchanges create non-formal learning environment and provide unique opportunity to the youth to gain and share international experience and knowledge. Each participant of our exchange projects activities was given enough space to frame, promote, develop and practice skills in Sales, as well in Entrepreneurship.


A great number of local and international Press-Media also reported on the Exchange Activities. Learn More...


Bright Future Foundation, its partners and all the participants thank the Ambassador Mr.Nico Schermers and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Armenia for the great contribution in our projects' results and great impact on the young people.


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