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A Great Sinterklaas Party Coming Soon

🎅🏼🎄Bright Future Foundation in cooperation with Buurtkamer Keizer Karelpark and Solidarity Bridge Foundation will implement a big Sinterklaas Party for international children in the neighborhood.

For whom?

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Target group of the following ongoing Solidarity Projects:organisation's Solidarity Projects: Bright Future's "Dutch for Non-Dutch", Solidarity Bridge's "Kids' Club".

🙌 As well there are still a few places available for international children in the neighborhood. Contact Buurtkamer Keizer Karelpark to register your child directly.

Age: 5-10 y.

Venue: Buurtkamer Keizer Karelpark (MOC building).

The party promises to be lots of fun!

Cooperation / Partners:

Dutch for Non-Dutch” is being implemented under the European Solidarity Corps Netherlands by Bright Future’s initiative volunteers.

Read more and JOIN US for volunteering opportunities!


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