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Engish & Dutch Teachers WANTED!

🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻We are a team of happy, friendly, open hearted and generous volunteer English teachers who currently teach online to Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands. Our project has grown considerably and so we are searching for teachers like us to grow our mission - giving language skills to empower those who need it most, so they can better integrate into a life and society away from their own.

🧩As this project has grown so much, we are now recruiting students of all origins, so you will be teaching a mixture of Ukrainians, as well as other nationalities.

📆Course period: September 2022 - June 2023

⏰Lesson schedule: Two 90 minute lessons per week, excluding school holidays. Further details in the info session.

What's in it for you?

✅ Be part of an international online community. Not only will you teach the language but you will also get to know students from other countries, backgrounds and cultures;

✅ You will be able to highlight your volunteer experience at Bright Future Foundation in your CV, request a certificate and recommendation letters. ⁉️Who can apply?

✅ Native or skilled English speakers;

✅ Experience teaching, including informal teaching and/or hold a teaching qualification;

✅ Have a high-speed internet connection;

✅ Have a patient, responsible, committed and with a caring heart.

📃This is a volunteer position, but in the case we have a small budget from September onwards, you will be provided small volunteering support. Also, we' ll have an info session soon with selected candidates to provide more information and answer their questions. We'd love to hear from you.

If you want to become our student, learn/improve English free of charge and be involved in different events organize for Ukrainian people to help their inclusion into job market in the Netherlands, please APPLY!

Text in Russian

ИНТЕНСИВНЫЕ БЕСПЛАТНЫЕ онлайн курсы для беженцев из Украины!

Чего мы поможем достичь?

✅Выучить/усовершенствовать английский язык (зная английский, вы можете работать в Нидерландах на многих должностях в международных организациях);

✅Составим вместе хорошее РЕЗЮМЕ для нидерландских работодателей;

✅Напишем вместе конкурентоспособные мотивационные письма;

✅Расскажем, куда и как податься на работу;

✅Подготовим к предстоящему интервью с потенциальным работодателем;

✅Изучим особенности местного рынка по трудоустройству.

ПЕДАГОГИ/ТРЕНЕРЫ: носители английского языка




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