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👨🏻‍💻Google TechSoup Digital Coding Events. Successfully Implemented!👩‍💻💻

Rmeetead more and JOIN US for volunteering opportunities!


Bright Future, teaming up with GOOGLE TechSoup and Logiscool, organized exciting free coding and digital events for kids in Amsterdam/Amstelveen.
These free of charge events gave children the chance to create their own games, master programming and coding skills, as well to learn about cybersecurity from a young age.
Keep an eye on Bright Future's events, in order not to miss the upcoming opportunities for your children!

Let's unlock young minds with tech!

#meet&code #codewithfun #codeEu

You may request our organization ED certificate from NGOsource and you will receive the certificate within a day. If you are not a member of the NGOsource, please address your request at

Keep an eye on Bright Future's projects and events.

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Bright Future Foundation

Instagram: @brightfuturenl

Facebook: Bright Future Foundation

YouTube: @brightfuturenl

LinkedIn: Bright Future Foundation

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