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Our YE Guest Speakers - The Best Specialists in The Market

We believe that in order to make positive impact and to achieve the best results of any international Youth Exchange project involvement of great Guest Speakers is the key to success. That is why we try to make sure each of our Youth Exchanges includes activities, which give space to the young people to exchange knowledge and international practices, experiencing and sharing gained skills not only with one another, but also with successful specialists involved (whose professional backgrounds are directly connected to the topic of the specific non-formal project).

This year's Youth Exchanges activities were not exceptions. To boost the quality non-formal learning in Sales and Entrepreneurship, apart from the Ambassador of the Netherlands, there were other Guest Speakers involved - specialists, who are the best in their professional fields.

Informal session on techniques of sales (such as SPIN, Canvas business model, Pitching techniques) was implemented by Hayk Manassian - IBS consulting Group's founder and director.

The projects participants were the ones to be involved in entrepreneurial skills developing exchange fun activities, sessions on discovering rural and urban areas, as well - rural areas, as a potential field for entrepreneurial thought and career development for young people. Majorel's Director Gary Aghabekian shared with the youth (having different cultural and professional backgrounds) his personal story of successful entrepreneurship and career development.

"Cold Calls" challenging activity. An enjoyable cold calls making fun game was implemented to learn to cold call with confidence, to practice B2B, as well as B2C calls, to develop ability to be more persistent and achieve goals in selling process first step – in cold calls. Thanks to this non-formal activity the youngsters practiced to make appointments for sales and business meetings, for selling the offered product/service directly by phone.

Recruiting, self sales in the frame of job interviews, good motivation letters, business email writing tips, fun interview activity and other non-formal exchange sessions were efficiently and interactively implemented in cooperation with Lusine Gevorgyan - Head of Recruitment Department of a leading insurance company Rosgostrakh.

As a result of the everyday non-formal small group anonymous reflections only positive feedbacks were received on all the exchange activities with the Guest Speakers.

(A few of the daily feedback and reflection papers of the participants)

Bright Future Foundation, its partners and all the participants thank all the Guest Speakers for their great contribution in our projects results and great impact on the young people.

Our international Youth Exchanges create non-formal learning environment and provide unique opportunity to the youth to gain and share international experience and knowledge. Each participant of our exchange projects activities was given enough space to frame, promote, develop and practice skills in Sales, as well in Entrepreneurship.

Bright Future Foundation's Youth Exchanges reflect diversity, media literacy, critical thinking and entrepreneurial spirit among young people. The projects include a good variety of serious elements, such as workshops and presentations, and elements, that have more of a "fun" factor, but are important for the process. Non-formal learning methods are adapted in the frame of all the activities.


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