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Partnership Building Event in Malaga, Spain

Partnership Building Activity (PBA) "Youth Participation for sustainable local democracies" took place in Malaga, Spain.

Goals Achieved

✅Developed structures and mechanisms for youth participation in decision-making at local level;

✅Identified best practices and introduced innovative approaches on public governance in cooperation with local authorities and civil society organizations active in the field of youth;

✅Fostered youth engagement and inclusiveness in representative and participatory democracy processes;

✅Built capacity and provided technical assistance on various areas and processes, like policy making, advocacy, structured dialogue, co-management, and more;

✅Mainstreamed youth policies at local and regional level (such as youth Guarantee schemes) to develop cohesive and engaged societies.

The Bright Future was also there to introduce its projects and meet new partners. We came back with a lot of new projects ideas and cooperation plans with the amazing partner organisations we had got to know thanks to this project.

The event was a big success. Thanks for such an impactful project!


❓If you have any questions, please contact us ✍️

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