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Youthpass - Evaluation of the Learned Skills

Innovative volunteers of the"Bilingual Book for International Children" Solidarity Project implemented final evaluation activities.

Working on their EU Youthpass Certificates, they thought about their personal and group learning outcomes, evaluated the impact on the target group and the project's final results.

Bright Future's volunteers worked together and created a Dutch-English bilingual book for international children, using non-formal learning methodology.

🌟This inspiring bilingual book introduces young children to the basics of science – from structure of human’s body, senses till forces, seasons, weather, nature. The book also includes fun interactive workshops and experiments to practice together the learned material. This book is illustrated by international children (9-15 years old). Colorful pages, interactive and developing content, fun workshops and "scientific" experiments will not only be attractive for international young readers, but also for their parents.

Thanks to the bilingual format of the book, international parents can try to understand the book without using a dictionary or online translator, thus practising Dutch together with their children in fun learning environment. The book is created and published in the frame of the European Union’s Solidarity Corps project "Bilingual Book for International Children".

These projects enable young people to build a more inclusive society and respond to societal and humanitarian challenges. They offer opportunities to develop valuable competences abroad or in the individuals' home country. The European Solidarity Corps also enables capacity-building for organisations involved in the programme.

Dutch for Non Dutch succeed to win the EU Solidarity Awards and have become

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