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Bright Future’s young and initiative volunteers have come to an idea to work together and create a non-formal Dutch-English bilingual book for international children to start learning Dutch.


The bilingual book is planned to be very interactive, colorful and developing. Our volunteers will make sure that international parents not only save time, avoiding using Google translate to understand the content of the book, but also enjoy its developing content and interactive format. The bilingual book is planned not only to teach the target group (international kids and a their families) Dutch in non-formal way, but also to give the children space to think out of box, improve creativity and stand closer to Dutch society and language.

International parents will feel comfortable to experience a book in Dutch, which they can completely understand (thanks to its bilingual format - the short explanations in English). Thus, by creating such an innovative and creative bilingual book, we will give the international parents an opportunity not to be afraid of reading books in Dutch to/with their kids.

The bilingual book will be fully illustrated by international children. Previously we announced a contest for young illustrators-volunteers to illustrate the bilingual book's pages and 4 very talented kids were selected


This Solidarity project will actively promote social inclusion. The project will provide a strong positive experience of volunteering and will motivate the young volunteers to use EU suggested methodology and standards of successful non-formal learning. 


In the frame of this Solidarity project the Bright Future and its volunteers will cooperate not only with the European Union’s Solidarity Corps, but also with different local and international organisation.




























At the end of the project the volunteers will receive EU Youthpass certificates, which they can attach to their CV, while applying for a job in the Netherlands and abroad.


Buurtkamer Keizer Karelpark (KKP)

De Bibliotheek Amstelland


                                                      Funded by:

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These are the great initiative young people, who put all their efforts to bring success to this Solidarity project.

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The project volunteers and the young illustrators had their first check-up session with the target group.

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The children to be selected as a result of our young illustrator's competition, announced in the frame of our "Bilingual Book for International Children" EU Solidarity Project. He is happy and excited to be a part of this amazing venture

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3 young illustrators were selected by the project's team to illustrate the new bilingual book.

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Bright Future's young and initiative volunteers will successfully implement a new Solidarity project for children. They will create a non-formal Dutch-English bilingual book for international children to start learning Dutch.

Image by Sincerely Media

[International dissemination] 

Report about our EU Solidarity projects, being implemented in the Netherlands.

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[Guest at Dutch local podcast, organized by AANAMSTELVEEL.NL]

We talked about our EU Solidarity projects, under the European Solidarity Corps ("Bilingual Book for International Children", "Dutch for Non-Dutch", "Digital Skills for Elderlies", etc.), about ongoing and future projects.

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Second event of AMSTELVEEN CONNECT@, organized by Municipality of Amstelveen (Gemeente Amstelveen).

We represented our projects, told about their success. (VIDEO & PHOTO)

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The project volunteers and the young illustrators had their following check-up session with the target group.


Check-up Session for Ukrainian Refugees in Amstelveen_15.05_edited.jpg

In cooperation with Participe Amstelland, Buurtkamer Keizer Karelpark, Solidarity Bridge Foundation, Gemeente Amstelveen Bright Future Foundation and its volunteers organized an impactful event for Ukrainian refugee children(VIDEO & PHOTO)

Event for Ukr. Children_15.05.2022

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