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Review by Amstelveen Municipality

On behalf of the Major of Amstelveen Mr. Tjapko Poppens, Municipality of Amstelveen (Gemeente Amstelveen) thanked Bright Future Foundation for its participation and contribution to the successful network 3-rd meeting of Amstelveen Connect@.

The Municipality writes in its report:

“You are stronger when you work together”,- that is the slogan of the

Bright Future Foundation's presentation.

They carried out a project last year with a grant from Amstelveen Connect@ and were happy to share their experiences about their International Storytelling events, working with Solidarity Bridge Foundation and the Amstelveen Library".

“We like to share our experiences to inspire others to work together on new initiatives,” - said Marisha and Ilona.

The Bright Future team is happy to help other organisations to apply for the Amstelveen Connect@ grant.

New ideas and partnerships emerged immediately during the brainstorming.

“With questions about grants, people can also contact the municipality”, - adds Jeroen Verburg.



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