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AMSTELVEEN CONNECT@ Municipality 3-rd Event

AMSTELVEEN CONNECT@ Municipality 3-rd event, organized by Municipality of Amstelveen, took place yesterday at Amstelveen Library.

The Major of Amstelveen Tjapko Poppens opened the event and welcomed everyone.

He shared the goals of Municipality for the coming months and invited all the organisations to put efforts in projects to benefit Amstelveen and its inhabitants.

Bright Future's advisory board representatives (director Marisha and vice-director Ilona) were honored by the Municipality to be speakers in the frame of a working group, which was aimed to introduce and promote subsidy opportunities, AMSTELVEEN CONNECT@ subsidy, offered by Municipality of Amstelveen (Gemeente Amstelveen).

Bright Future shared its experience, told about the results and impact of the International Storytelling project, which we implemented under AMSTELVEEN CONNECT@ subsidy.

In cooperation with the Municipality team Bright Future's team implemented a small brainstorming and communication activity, encouraging the organisations to work together on new initiatives in Amstelveen. As a result a lot of new partnerships seem to be created, new project ideas were born.

At the end the Bright Future advised and motivated all the organisations in Amstelveen to actively cooperate with each other and submit new AMSTELVEEN CONNECT@ projects. Bright Future expressed its willingness to partner, cooperate, as well support the newcomer organisations and provide further advice to them.

Strong when working together!

A lot of new contacts were made, new project ideas were shared and developed.

We thank the Municipality of Amstelveen for another great event!


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